About Us

Buckle up and get ready for a joyride through the world of Kimisuite! 🚗✨ Imagine 18 years of hanging out with car showrooms, diving deep into the internet, and finally birthing Kimisuit! Yep, that's us! We've mixed all our experience, customer desires, and a sprinkle of magic to create something truly special. Kimisuite is like your car's BFF—it's a web-based wonderland tailored for the automotive industry. Whether you're showcasing sleek rides on your website or sealing the deal on a sale, we've got your back! Our suite kicks off by snatching vehicles from various corners of the web, glides through adding them to our suite with ease, and sends them off to all kinds of virtual homes. Picture this: We've made our suite as user-friendly as a cozy office. We're talking freebies like notes, to-dos, and calendars, all ready to make your workday a breeze. Oh, and stay tuned for more fun office apps coming your way! Our suite is designed for companies, so imagine connecting your whole team in one workspace—like having one office for everyone! They can use our apps together, optimized with plans tailored for teams. Now, let's talk about the star of the show: the Vehicle Hub app. It's your go-to for juggling vehicles, complete with fancy add-ons like the Car Loan Calculator, Label Maker, PDF Builder and mach more. And that's just the beginning! Met our Widget Creator app. It's like the cool cousin who helps you flaunt your vehicles on any website with just a snippet of code. From Listings to carousels, we've got your presentation needs covered. But wait, there's more! Our team app lets you assemble your dream team effortlessly. Then, with the Widget Creator's magic touch, your team shines bright on your web pages, and your customers get to you quikly and easily. Not a web wizard? No problemo! Dive into our website creator app for a stress-free, programmer-free website experience. It's so easy, it's practically magic! Let's talk visuals—because let's face it, images sell! Our suite offers nifty tools for editing, resizing, and jazzing up your vehicle photos. Say goodbye to bland backgrounds and hello to eye-catching images! So, why juggle a million tools when you can have it all in one fantastic suite? Kimisuite is your one-stop-shop for images, vehicle management, website display, sales, and even customer support. We've got big plans for the future, with more goodies cooking up in our lab! At Kimisuite, we pour our hearts into what we do. Crafting this suite with love makes everything a joy. We're excited to have you on board for this adventure! Ready to rev up your automotive game? Let's make magic happen together. 🌟✨